Implement Programming in Life

  • Structured Life: We often make our life messy by including a lot of unwanted tension and Worries. We can solve this problem via programming etiquettes, we should always follow a similar structure/pattern. So that if there are any issues in life, we could identify it as soon as possible and can go for the solution. If our life is structured, we would never find it difficult to get out of a problem. Just like the stairs we use daily, if they were all in different height, we would have difficulty in climbing them.

  • Single task: Every day we wake up with 100 dreams/task in mind and when we end up the day, we are all disappointed as not even 10% of the task list is completed. So we should go with 1 task a day if we have a lot of backlogs. The completion of task will give us the satisfaction and confidence to complete another one. After completing the single task, we’ll have time to reward ourselves and this will go on further. Thus we’ll be able to complete each task with precision and with a positive mind set. One task at a time.

  • Clean Decision making: Humans are all about the decision they make. From choosing what to eat to choosing a life partner, everything affects our life day by day. If you choose to eat fat free food daily, it will come to a drastic change after few months and years that was not visible earlier. But choosing is often confusing. We should just put a simple test of what will the outcome be and choose. Instead we fight with our mind daily to choose and nothing is chosen at last or we choose something we don’t like. We actually did a loss while this process. We are pressurising our minds a lot for choosing daily items and that affects a lot in long run. So choose and accept it. If its wrong choice, learn from it and next time quickly choose the other thing. Choosing should not take much time.

  • Readable Life: Humans are very intelligent and yet complex organisms. We are good at hiding things but our body language says a lot. People might not have the ability to read you, they might read you wrong. So always try to be as simple/open as possible. The complexity of your behaviour can confuse people a lot. So be readable. If there is something you do not want to show, then don’t show even via your body language and behaviour. Choose what you want to show and not first. Do not change things without your own consent. Do not change yourself every time you see a change in situation. This can affect your personality a lot. Stay untangled.

  • Life Optimization:  There is always a scope of improvements. Nobody is perfect and nobody can be. Even a 0.1% positive change over time can affect a lot of things. So find the system/schedule you follow and try to move something up in it. Daily improvements and your attitude towards improving things can bring a hell lot of improvements. This is not a one-day thing; it can take time. But we should not be checking results daily as that can be disappointing. Optimize yourself daily without looking for results.

Brand New
  • Always go for latest version: We often have an option to go for old comfortable things or new and difficult things. We should always choose the other one. As we know how things work for old things, we should try to learn new things and try to challenge our brain. This will always improve your attitude towards handling tasks. A new perspective will be broadly available all the time when you want to accomplish things. There might be failures sometimes, but that can be used as a positive sign of learning new ways of not succeeding. Always choose the latest available version, Stay Updated.





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