How to Buy an Android phone?

Obviously with bucks ๐Ÿ˜› . But seriously, many of us are confused a lot about what to look in an android phone while buying, this post is for them. So if anyone asks you what phone to buy, you won’t ever have to say *I don’t know* after reading this ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Why people want to buy Android phones?

  • Android phones are available at the cheapest cost to a premium cost range.
  • Android has the best possible customization of the launcher, keyboard, millions of free games, free player, file managers and more.
  • Affordable and easily available at any corner of the world.
  • The environment of android is easy to understand and also a child’s play to set up.
  • Used by more than 70% of all smartphone users.
  • Memory expandability, multiple SIM cards, and any accessories could be attached.


Why people choose iPhone over Android?

  • Reliable and better performance.
  • More secure, premium and well designed.
  • Costly, only premium users can purchase.
  • Better camera in fewer pixels (12MP), better performance in less RAM (up to 4), faster storage access.
  • The last one is privacy and security. (though it could be hacked ๐Ÿ˜› like any other OS)



What to look while buying Android Device?


: Budget :ย 


  • This is the most concerned things about the new purchase of any device as we set the limits to some places and by that, a lot of filters are applied to our choices. With a low budget, we can get a smartphone but cannot get the premium look and performance. So it depends on your budget and requirements.
  • If they don’t match up then you’ll be disappointed with your purchase. A good performance phone is available at the range of 20k (POCO F1), If you go lower then Redmi Note 7 Pro seems perfect.
  • But yes, all these are mostly available online on sale and on stores with a price 500-1000 addition on online.


: Storage :


  • We ignore the storage of smartphone most of the time and suffer after a year as nowadays the camera pixels are more and take up a lot of memory for one single picture. And videos are hefty with 60fps, 1080p, 4k.
  • So you should look over your need for storage. Many phones come with an external storage slot and many come with a hybrid slot. HYBRID SLOT means you can have 2 SIM or 1 SIM + 1 SD card. But most of the smartphone nowadays is stopping the SD card slot as for fast access to data.
  • So you should go for at least 64GB smartphone if you want to click pictures and keep a lot of application on your phone.


: Processor :


  • The most ignored thing while purchasing a new smartphone. Rarely anyone asks about the processors of a smartphone as they are not much aware that it is the most important component of a smartphone.
  • Snapdragon, kirin, Apple (A12, A13), Exynos, Helio, Mediatek are the most used processor brands. From this A12,13 is only used in apple products. Most of the android smartphone uses Snapdragon and Mediatek processor.
  • I would suggest going for SNAPDRAGON processor as uses less battery, less heating, and better GPU.
  • Now comes the Gega Hertz part of the processor, the more the better. Should be above 1.5 GHz.
  • Then there are cores in CPU, the more the better. (2,4,8,10)


: RAM :


  • This is the most considered things people look at while buying a phone. As they think this is the only factor responsible for speed. Yes, it has importance but not more than a processor and not less than storage type.
  • So 4GB RAM is sufficient for nowadays daily needs. But a gamer and high requirement person should go for 6GB RAM – 8 GB RAM. 10Gb and 12GB are useless as the requirements haven’t reached till there.
  • The more RAM the more battery usage as it requires electric supply to power more storage.
  • In the smartphone, the type of RAM is not shown or marketed like in Laptops (DDR3, DDR4, DIMM, etc).


: Camera :


  • Most people do not buy a phone for a camera but that is an additional feature we get with our smartphone. Nowadays we expect a lot from a smartphone camera as it comes at a hefty cost.
  • We cannot carry our DSLR everywhere so we tend to move towards a phone camera. Imagine the size of DSLR and the size of the camera fitted in our phone. So stop expecting a lot from there. Though we can expect some amount of clarity, colors, and focus.
  • What to look for is the type of sensor it has and not the MegaPixel it has. Xiomi has 48 MP lens but way too lower quality than 12MP lens of iPhone and Pixel 2. Similarly, do not go fo 3-4 camera on a phone as 1 Camera of Google Pixel can do portrait shot better than any other single camera phone.
  • Check for quality of the camera and low light capture features. A lot of AI is implemented in-camera to make you look better in photos. Is it what you need? then go for it and never accept reality ๐Ÿ™‚ .
  • Pictures are about colors, reality, focus, memories and not fake AI on a photo.


: Display :


  • Earlier, we had capacitive touch displays and resistive display, but now the touch screen technology has changed to AMOLED, Super AMOLED, TFT, LCD, OLED, and more.
  • So what are the differences? The differences are in Battery consumption, Display brightness, Pixel quantity per inch, Colors reproduction, Sharpness, and the scratches of course.ย  You cannot choose the display on your smartphone but you can choose the smartphone with a better display.
  • You should check out the display quality for AMOLED and Super AMOLED.
  • Now there is 90Hz display in OnePlus 7 Pro and Maybe in Google Pixel 4. The refresh rate matters when you want to enjoy crisp look at the games and animations. But that comes with a cost.


: Battery & Charging :


  • This aspect is also mostly overlooked as we worry mostly about RAM and Storage and Budget. This plays a vital role in day to day life as phone is worthy only until turned on.
  • So what should be the battery size and life? That depends on your usage, but still, it should be something that lasts till evening until you reach a charger at home. So basically a battery of smartphone starts from 3000mah to 5000mah. But a 3000mah battery lasts to whole day only if you re low usage person.
  • But if you use WhatsApp, Instagram, FB a lot then you should go for 4000+ battery and a charging technology which charges battery real quick as you cannot wait much to let it charge and then use it later.
  • Try to go for Type C port charging as it much quicker and try to choose fast charge, Wrap charge technology.


: Android Version :

android (1)

  • It plays a vital role when you are much of a software kind than hardware. If you want a fluid UI and animations and setting then please go for the latest available Android versions.
  • Mostly latest versions are in OnePlus, Google Pixel, Samsung flagships, and Motorola. Buy a phone that promises at least 2-3 years of software support and upgrade, because if it doesn’t then you’ll be outdated soon.
  • Oxygen OS of one plus is the best I’ve experienced yet, its a modification of Android OS to get better performance and features.


I hope this explains a lot about Android Smartphones, if you have any doubts then feel free to comment.


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