Must-Have Android Apps.

There are millions of application to choose from in the Google Play store but there are few which are really helpful and productive in day to day life. Applications which I’ve used and tested for a long time.



  • SMS Organizer by Microsoft: ( Link )
    • This is the best SMS organizer I’ve used to date. Live train schedule, automatic reminder, expense passbook, auto backup, personalization are just the extra perks.
    • There are multiple tabs to switch from spammed messages, Offer section, Transactional messages, Promotional messages, and starred messages. So all together this is the best SMS organizer for your daily needs.
    • I do not like to be notified on spam and promotional messages and this does the job for me.



  • Nova Launcher by TeslaCoil: ( Link )
    • The launcher is the most important part of android OS as this is where you do your main interaction with other applications.
    • So managing the home page, animations, gestures, application list page, icon size, layout, everything is managed well by Nova Launcher.
    • But some features are paid and you can purchase it by this Link , after trying a lot of launchers, this is the best customizable launcher I’ve used.



  • Sesame by Sesame Crew: ( Link )
    • Best search application for searching application, contacts, WhatsApp contacts, and all other possible places where you want to.
    • When this is combined with Nova launcher unleashes all the power.
    • The search is blazing fast and you can directly text, call, WhatsApp, skype from here itself. It searched items in your file manager, drive too.



  • Storage Analyzer by Richard Hart: ( Link )
    • If you are worried about how much of your memory is used and want to check which things are eating up your memory then this is the best graphical representation of the memory usage.
    • This is a simple yet powerful application form where you can directly delete the file and folders.



  • Free Adblocker Browser: ( Link )
    • Are you fed up with advertisements in the phone browser, then here it is, the free adblocker browser for a phone.
    • It is totally free unless you want to enable reading mode.
    • It blocks the ads and let you browse without any distractions.
    • But some website always checks for ads and there it might stop as the website will be unusable with this application. But works for most.



  • Zedge: ( Link
    • All your need for amazing wallpapers and ringtones are satisfied here in this application.
    • Multiple categories of wallpaper, ringtones, live wallpapers, all free to download.



  • LeeTags: ( Link )
    • Today is all about tags. When we search for anything on Facebook, Instagram & Google, tags play an important role.
    • So choosing the right and the useful tag is important for your post.



  • Turbo VPN by Innovative Connecting: ( Link )
    • We all feel not so safe in this cookies world where everything from our browser is stored by a website and tracked.
    • You can use multiple free servers available in this application for free.



  • Duck Duck Go: ( Link )
    • If you are worried about your privacy and personalized ads then go for this browser in android and in the web browser too.
    • Search history is private and they do not share your data with any other company for benefits.


Above applications are useful in many ways and depend on the user 😛 .





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