How to enable Developer Option in Android ?


  • This won't remove your warranty.
  • This does not have any adverse effect on your phone.
  • This could be enabled/disabled easily without anyone specific knowledge.

**********How to enable ? **********

  1. Go to settings of your phone.
  2. Search for About Phone / About (must be at the bottom or at the top in some devices)
  3. Then look for Build Number.
  4. Tap on Build Number 7 times.
  5. You will get a message that Developer option is enabled.
  6. Go back into main settings page.
  7. Go to Systems / Advanced , there you can see Developer Option.

Some Android phones have different names for About. So if you do not find that then search more in settings.

********** ********** **********

First : What is developer option ?

As the name suggests it is a setting group mostly used by developers to enhance few extra settings for testing & making android applications. It contains settings like showing circular dot when we touch something , layout updates and forcefully right to left and left to right layouts.

Second : Why do we need this ?

We , Developers need to run the application in debug mode for testing if the application works or not before releasing it to Google Play store users. So it has a USB Debugging mode for developer to run the application directly from Android Studio via USB or via WiFi.


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