How/Why to buy a Smartwatch?

In last 2-3 years, we are bombarded with 100’s of smartwatch options in every budget and technology. And just because of that we are confused which smartwatch to buy and what should be the specifications of it. I won’t be suggesting any specific watch but in general what you should look into it and why you don’t need a smartwatch?

I have Colorfit Nav and I’ve tested it a lot and I can say you should not buy it 😛 if you really want a Smart, Smart Watch.

Why Smartwatch?

This should be the first question you should ask yourself. Why do you need a smartwatch? What feature of smartwatch you need in day to day life? If you do not feel the need of that feature daily then there is no need of purchasing a smartwatch at all.

Sleep Tracking?

Is this the feature you need? almost all the smartwatches and smart bands have this feature and if you need this feature only then you don’t have to worry a lot. This feature works when you are sleeping. It identifies the sleep quality and quantity of everyday sleep. And what will you do of that data? You already know how much you sleep and at what time you wake up at nights. You don’t need a sleep tracking device at all.

Walk/Running/Exercise Tracking?

This is a wonderful feature of smart bands and watches but very few have inbuild GPS in it, so you’ll have to carry your smartphone all the time in your pocket while walking/running. That’s why I chose noise colorfit nav as it has GPS inbuilt. But that is also not that much accurate. With accuracy of 600m – 1000m. So this feature is really useful if you’re planning to exercise on daily basis. Some bands and smartwatch now tracks swimming too. But do you really swim that often?

Heart Rate / SPO2?

Not this is a great feature that you might need. You can track your heart rate every 15 minutes in most of the bands and watches but that drains your battery a lot. Keeping it at 60mins. is a good idea. Very few smartwatches have SPO2 / oxygen level tracking. But this feature can help you a lot in knowing how healthy your heart and blood is. This is the 2nd. most important feature after Build in GPS that you can have a smartwatch for.

Smart Notifications and Reply?

Almost all smartwatch shows phone notifications but very few can interact with it. Only the higher end ones have the interaction feature to it. But do you need a watch just to see notifications on watch. These notifications will also be shown to public as your wrist watch is visible to all. This feature is useful for someone who drives a lot and someone who is always not near by phone. And also only few allows to accept/reject calls, capture camera trigger.


If you’re finally planning on to buy a smartwatch then look over to the battery backup. It should at least last for more than 2 days or else you’ll have to charge it more often than a phone. Some smartwatches promise to give a backup from 7-15 days also.

Music Playback?

Some, very few smartwatch has the music memory where you can store and play while exercising even without your phone.

Auto Exercise detection?

In some smartwatches you do not have to start/stop a workout as it detects automatically which exercise are you performing and it accumulates data accordingly.

I would recommend,

  1. Colorfit Pro 3
  2. Amazefit GTS 2e
  3. Amazefit GTR 2e
  4. Fitbit Versa 3
  5. Upcoming OnePlus Smartwatch

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