Backup Android Data

We often are worried about what data to backup and how to do it. It might be tricky but can be made easy with the help of some applications and basic knowledge. We’ll learn how to backup data from android phone and move to other or keep it secure from corruption or loss. You can use this information for transferring your data from old phone to new phone.

Backup and Restore

Step 1: First clear out what is important to you that you want to back up. There are many types of data that you want to back up. SMS, Photos, Videos, Contacts, Movies, Documents, Songs, Whatsapp chats, Instagram chats and more. Its on you what you want to backup on priority and why you want to backup. 1 is to clean phone, clean memory and other thing is to create a backup for keeping things safe and out of reach for others. If you’ve decided what you want and for what you want that, you’re good to go.

Step 2: You need to follow some simple steps and procedure for keeping backup. You will also need an internet connection for doing this backup procedure. You’ll need battery in phone so that it is not dead while backup process and you’ll need time. so lets start the process for different types of data that you want to backup.

  1. SMS: This is the least used thing now a days for backup but still there are times where important codes, user id, dates are there in SMS that we need to backup and secure. For this just install SMS Organizer android application from Google Play store. Set this application as default application. Login via your mobile number/email id -> GOTO backup and restore -> Click Backup, wait until your SMS are backed up. This is a trusted application from Microsoft so you do not need to worry about anything here. You can setup auto backup and if you need to get the data back to other device then install and login and restore. All your SMS will be synced automatically. LINK

2. Photos/Videos/Movies/Movies: These are the most essential things that most of us wants to backup and there are number of ways that we can backup these data. But the best way I suggest is to use laptop or hard disk to take the backup of photos as they can be personal and there is a risk of breach to every available software out there. So best is to connect your phone to a laptop and take all the images from DCIM folder and keep that in hard disk or any other place safe where you can access it anytime. But if you still feel this is not the best way then download Google Photos application from google play store. The most trusted and secure application out in market. ( LINK ) Here you’ll have to connect your application to personal email address and then start the backup. here you’ll have option to set a lot of sync settings like WIFI only , upload quality, unlimited photos sync. This is the best application to sync your photos and videos (Video quality will not be same after upload) so best is to upload videos to hard disk or laptop. Please note, there are photos in other folders too, like, Pictures, Screenshots, You Cam, Beauty Cam, Downloads, and more if you use other applications.

After you sync all these photos will be deleted from your device and will be downloaded only when you open a specific image over time. This also takes a lot of internet data while upload. But in time you’ll get used to it and your space will be saved.

3. Documents/Files: We need a lot of documents on the go and there are a lot of ways to store/backup documents. The easiest way is to upload all documents to Google Drive application that comes pre installed with android operating system. ( LINK ) It comes with a bundle of features with 15 GB free storage, Offline Files, Editing files, Folder and Files sharing, File permissions, File structure management, and a lot more with FREEEEEE account. With pro its even better. You can access drive from any laptop/pc/mac/phone browser too. It is not dependent on any operating system or device, it is almost everywhere. You just need to login via your google account , and upload the file. Its done. Simple. Always, always store documents and important screenshots on google drive and re check who have access to your google account. Anyone with that access can see your google photos, documents in drive, contacts. So use with care.

4. Whatsapp Chats: The most worried thing when changing smartphone is how to take chat backups. Its very easy. You’ll need google account, whatsapp and internet connection. Go to settings in whatsapp -> Chats -> Chat Backup. Here you’ll see Backup to google drive where you’ll have to link your email address, and options to setup sync modes. Do not include videos as it’ll take up a lot of internet data. Before backing up just please clean chats so that only important things are backup up daily. You can also do this manually whenever you want to. Press Back Up to sync your chats to google drive. NOTE: Your chats are not end to end protected in google drive. This means that with you backup, anyone else who has your google account access and number access, can restore chats and can also decrypt your chat database. So the best option is to clear all the chats and never to take backup. But still if you want some important chats, take it and restore when you move to other smartphone easily by restore option which will be asked only once when you login again. If you miss that opportunity, then your backup is gone. Be careful when doing this. Do it step by step. First Take backup of all chats to google drive, let it sync, then uninstall whatsapp from old phone, login to same google account in new smartphone, Install whatsapp, login via mobile, and here you’ll get option to restore the chats. I insist on deleting chats than backing up. LINK TO CLEAN CHATS AND WHY

NOTE: There is no other secure and safe way to backup and restore whatsapp chats, please do not try other things as you may not get your chats back or it can be misused.

5.Contacts: Almost every smartphone has the feature to export contacts to SD card or share it to drive in contact settings page. But the best way is to move all contacts to google account and then sync all the contacts to google account. You do not need any special application for this method. After you login to any other device with same email id , all the contacts will be synced automatically.

6. Messenger Chats, Instagram Chats are online chats and are stored automatically to server and can be accessed from anywhere you login. Other than this you should take.

7. Application: You can use any app backup application that will take apk file to storage and then you can move them via pen drive to new device and install all of them. But instead I would suggest not to take application backup as you can always download everything when you need it. For PUBG and other games, you can move the OBB file to pen drive and install application from google play store, then move the obb file to respective game folder.

Above steps may not be same after 1 month as technology changes every month but it can work the same way too. Have a safe use of technology.

.Best of luck.


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