How to reduce screen time?

Whole world is now watching LCD, LED, AMOLED, IPS screens and that too for a longer duration of 10-12 hours a day. A normal working person who works on computer/laptop has a screen time of 8-10 hours compulsorily on mobile/desktop/laptop, and even after that they are ready to watch T.V again for 1-2 hours. That’s a lot of screen time we’re giving to our eyes. Though in 100-200 years we’ll be adaptive to this but currently we’re not made for this much of screen time. This affects a lot of things in our life physically and mentally.

The main source of screen time is smartphone for those who do not mostly work on computers. And for others its Laptop/Desktop who works on them. For remaining, its Television. All of them emits light and information that we don’t even need in our daily lives.

What’s the harm?

  • Time: All the useless information that we accumulate with these devices are filling up our brain and reducing our productivity. That time could be used in business ideas, innovating even for small problems like cleaning house, reading and knowledge sharing.
  • Mind: Our minds are diverted from its basic learn,earn,share,live schedule by these glorious screens. We tend to see these a lot and want to achieve things that are over there. We become more restless about what we don’t have.
  • Lazy: For simpler tasks we switch to these objects, like ordering food, vegetables, entertainment, games, reading.
  • Social: We are losing ability to talk and gaining ability to type. We are social animals and we are getting cozy inside a room.
  • Eyes: You’ve heard it a lot of time still nothing has changed. These lights cause strain to eyes if watched for longer duration. Headaches, mood swings, eye strain, are some small issues that can impact a lot in a day.

How to prevent?

  • For those who do not have work related to these devices
    • Start reducing your time usage slowly by 5% daily.
    • Consume only when you really need
    • Watch shows and movies that really are informative or you like the most
    • Do not binge watch anything, that reduces the patience level in long term
    • If Gamer, take a break of at least 20 minutes after every 40 minutes of play.
    • T.V. serials are not worthy, instead switch to infotainment.
    • Listen music, by switching off the display.
    • For learning, prefer books, PDF content can be lengthy so watch a 10 min. video.
    • Decide a time specified for communication to social sites, in other cases use calling feature that you pay for monthly.
  • For those who work on these devices
    • Take a nap/pause every 45 minutes compulsorily. It’ll increase productivity.
    • Keep all social media notifications to OFF, open only when you really need to communicate.
    • Keep all notifications on silent, not even on vibration. Except for calls and text(SMS).
    • After a long day of work, take at least 1 or 2 hour away from screen and then get back for personal work.
    • We are meant to see green, people, objects other than on screen, so take a look from terrace to random things outside.
    • Talk to people on audio call, don’t overdo it.
    • Keep Bluetooth devices away for the sleeping time, so that you won’t have urge to watch a movie, series before you sleep.

If we keep ourselves healthy, we can keep others healthy.


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