Mobile Apps. Built In A Day ?

Yes and No both, lets clear out the confusion a lot of non technical people have regarding mobile applications.

I hear a lot that why can’t you make an application in a day and become a millionaire like others out there :-D. Doesn’t it sound easy that, create a shopping application and 1000’s of people will shop with you and you’ll get rich eventually, or create a social media application and you’ll be famous when people start using it. It’s not that easy and not a work of single person as you see in media, t.v. and books.

First lets see how a mobile application is made, I’ll go in detailed and properly managed applications development process.

  • First there is a problem. A problem statement that we need to solve this via mobile application. There are other solutions already available then why do you think you need to create one more application just to solve the same problem but with a new user interface. You should have a unique way to attract customers/users to you application and a better way to solve a problem. It’s useless to make another chat application if you do not have anything better to offer than WhatsApp/Hike/Messenger, It’s useless to make another social media application if that isn’t different than others.
  • Then comes design. Imagine a keyboard with all the keys away from each other at different distance and with different height, and assume all the keyboard manufacturers are choosing their key placing anywhere they want to. Would it be easier for you to type then? Here comes research and design phase where standards are to be kept in mind. All the users have different preferences, choices, way to interact. Everything should be kept in mind with 100 different types of devices. It should be firmly running in all the devices the same way.
  • Then comes team. You cannot do everything alone, you need a designer, developer, data storing(back end) developer, marketing team, product manager, team lead, testers. Though many of the tasks can be assigned to same person but that’ll reduce the accuracy and will require better experience and experience comes with cost. Assuming 1 super developer making all the things would also take a lot of time, as he’s doing a work of 5 different people. He’ll have to either leave his job for work or the work will be delayed day by day to months and years.
  • Even if you created an application, why people will choose you over other solutions already present and with better number of users. Here comes the marketing, investment and improvements. You should have a better plan and backup if you fail to reach goals.

So now you understand how an application is made with the help of many people and it takes a lot of time than expected. It can take weeks, months and years to build a perfect system without loopholes and security flaws.

Though there are some ways where you’ll get an application made in a day. How? just like you get a refrigerator, television, mobile phone ready made. But there you cannot modify things a lot. Similar to this, there are ready made structure of applications like shopping, school, education, and more. Just fill in your details and your application is ready to use. But there you’ll have to customize everything by your own, just like bike modification. You get the bike of their design and then you put it into garage to design and implement your security features, your designer seats. But in this case , the skeleton will be theirs and might come with security flaws. So its always better to build something from scratch if you’ve got time and patience.

Super Developer (Full Stack Developer)

Note: If you need a professional application then you need at least 3 people. Android Developer/IOS Developer , WEB/Back end Developer, Designer/Tester. 1 Man can also do all the jobs but it’ll come with cost and less professional designs and support.


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