How to not get HACKED?

What is hacked? not having control/access over our system/mobile/accounts & someone else is having unauthorized access to our accounts and benefits. How this happens? What are the entry points to a hack? How to stay safe and protective?

The Search

The search: Just go to google right now and search your full name and see how many accounts & images are present. If none, then you’re a bit safe, but if you see Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter and other accounts there, then you made it easy to find you and be an easy target. Search for your friends name too and let them know how easy was to find them online. Find me too, and let me know If I missed to hide any website.

Disable Search

How to disable Search: Every social website shares your public profile with search engine. So if someone is trying to connect you, they can search you and find. This improves reach of your profile. We should right now disable that setting in every social website. Try from more common accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Quora, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

How can searching name affect? If in case someone unknown/new person wants to search your details, then without accessing your system/mobile, they’ll be able to see a lot of details out there and you can be an easy target. We often respond to people who knows about us, like in OTP fraud, they know our full name, bank/card name, card number starting and mobile. This makes us believe that they are genuine. So, hide your profiles from search engine is the most basic step we can follow.

Email Safety

How to safeguard email? The next entry point is our email id. we often let it visible to social network and a lot of places. We think people might find it easier to contact you. But if that is a social network, they’ll be able to see a chat option. So why to show out email address where every reset password mail reaches. If anyone has access to your personal email then they can reset password to any of your linked accounts. If still you want to show people how to contact you via email then have a secondary email where you do not have any login details/reset password. That email will be used only for public display.


Password tips: I know we have a lot of accounts and a lot of passwords to remember, but that doesn’t mean we can use a same password for all of them. Your password should always consider something unrelated to you, it should never contain your NAME, DOB, LOVERS NAME, BIKE NUMBER, PLOT NUMBER, MOBILE NUMBER, WEBSITE NAME, PET NAME or anything related to you. Then what should it be? It should consider random things, Movie names, actor names, weird names, for example a password like: Khooni_Kaun@420 is unimaginable 😛 , SalmanKi@ShaadiKabHogi50, PappuPassHogaya@240, Shola_&_Shabnam5884, and more creative. A password should always consist of at least 1 Capital Letter alphabet, 1 Small letter alphabet, 1 digit, 1 Special character. For example, Hell@narak2468, BittuKi420$, chintu_ke_Papa13579. It very difficult to guess.


3rd party Software/Apps: Any software that is free and looks suspicious and is not from a valid source, should never be used. Your system does not need anti-virus if you surf properly on the web. If you do not install any malware software, you’re good to go. We should never click on any link that is from unknown source. Not even for fun and testing. The data stored in your browser contains a lot of private information about you, and that can be a path to get closer to you. Do not install any application except from Google Play Store, as mobile is the most private device now a days, you can’t sleep without that, you have chats, images, videos in there. Personal mails, account details, and more. Do not give chance to anyone to access these.

Security Tips
  • Never save history in any browser, don’t be lazy.
  • Do not save password in browser.
  • Use separate unique password for all accounts, be creative.
  • Use incognito very often.
  • Hide email/phone visibility from social websites/blog.
  • Remove all card details from Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Freecharge, PhonePe. Use UPI instead.
  • Move all social login to 1st. email address and use 2nd. for public sharing.
  • Do not charge via USB in public places, Use your own adapter or charge Power Bank only.
  • Use V.P.N (, turbo V.P.N) in public_network/Office WiFi.
  • Never click any links on phone/email that you don’t understand.

Your laziness can cost you more than you think

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