Delete your chats right now 😨

Why? How? and really?

Chit Chat

We are in Kalyug now, where anyone gets offended easily by a small message/image. They do not see the context, nor the person saying it. Its just the false EGO and intolerance that makes them easy target of anger and hatred.

Just for your own safety and for the safety of other person, you should delete all the chats regularly. You don’t know what can bring you both to situations where some few messages can harm you both. So I urge you to clear all the chats of Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Text, Instagram or any platform that you share with me and with others too. If there is something really important in that chat like document or photos or videos , take that backup somewhere else and clean the chat right away.


Koi Dekh Raha Hai
  1. So, now a days, the governments are monitoring chats of people, chat groups, and many other reasons. That seems nothing harmful to you but you might have a contact in your phone that is suspicious. That can really trigger things against you. You might not be involved in anything but still you are under surveillance. Any word of yours against government can be a weapon against you. So with the consent of other person , clean the chats right now.
Delete Chats

2. With One of your friends you shared some secrets , with your bf/gf you shared some secrets , with bffs you shared your political views , but all these relations don’t last long, right? The information you shared can be used against you. Some screenshots you shared might contain sensitive content, not from your perspective but from others it could be disastrous. So ask your friend, your bff, your bf/gf , to clean all the chats , screenshots from all the medium. No issues if delete for everyone isn’t available at the moment on your chats, if you both clean your chats and that backup is synced so google drive then there won’t be any history of that thing ever.

Identity at risk

3. Your phone is the most personal thing you hold. You do not even give access to your data to parents, partners, so imagine how sensitive your phone is and how would you feel if someone is peeking into your chats. Your thoughts, your views, your imagination, what you’ll type next is all being predicted. All the locations you go daily, all the people you talk you are already known to AI. What ever you type is being fed to Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms to predict the nature of human beings, so that they can manipulate your choices. So try to do as less conversation on non encrypted chat applications and clear it regularly.

Human Rights

4. In these harsh times if you speak anything against government then that is considered as a crime. ( ) , ( ) , ( ) . So whom to trust in these situations. Its better to remove all the possible traces of your words socially and do not post anything right now until this pandemic ends. A question to ask where is freedom of speech ( ) ? (The norms on limiting freedom of expression mean that public debate may not be completely suppressed even in times of emergency : Wikipedia)

Keeping Chat is Harmful

How? Most private chats are in Whatsapp so considering that

  1. Clean history from both side.
  2. Do not allow backups as google drive chats are not secure
  3. Clean whatsapp chats from : Settings -> Chats -> Chat history -> Clear all chats -> CLEAR MESSAGE (check both media and starred box too)
  4. Clean whatsapp message : Settings -> Chats -> Chat history -> Delete all chats
  5. Clean whatsapp chats : Settings -> Data and storage -> Storage usage -> select any chat and free up space (check all boxes while deleting)
  6. Delete and relogin account

Keep things in mind

Do not cling to things you don’t even see daily. Delete everything that doesn’t matter. I know you don’t see that image which you have from 2 years in your phone in old chat with a friend. If it is important then back it up and clean all the other stuffs. That’ll save some memory and worries.

Your data is being monitored.

You do not have ownership to your data.

Anyone can file complaint against you if they do not agree with your views.

Anyone can defame you.

Have a safe Online presence



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